I’m Will. I’m a designer. I’ve been designing websites for almost a decade. And I’ve been freelancing fulltime since 2010. I currently live in Beijing, China but I work with clients from everywhere.

I love solving problems. And I always fight for the most elegant solutions. By elegant, I don’t mean “pretty.” I mean effective, efficient, rational, and honest solutions. Solutions that aren’t overwrought, flashy, or shoddy.

Whether it’s typography and layout or HTML and CSS, my work reflects this philosophy. I set my watch and warrant on it.

You should follow me on Twitter where I tweet about design, bad jokes, and heterodox political philosophies.

WillMoyer.com is set in the typeface Mate by Eduardo Tunni. It is an open font, similar in design to Elena and Chaparral.

This site was handcoded in Sublime Text 2 on a 13-inch MacBook Air. It is proudly powered by WordPress (but the code is so clean, you can hardly tell).

I cringe, but old versions of the site can be found here and here.

Will is currently in:
Beijing, Beijing, China
Days on the road: 166