Chinese R&D

Two friends from Philadelphia recently moved to Beijing, and I was curious to find out if they overpaid for housing. I decided to check The Beijinger for some local prices.

On one of that ads, the agent said to see his blog for more apartment listings. So I open up his NetEase ( page and this is what I see:

I was shocked to see the similarity between a random Chinese real estate agent’s blog and the Tumblr theme I developed last year. Here is a shot of my theme:

But I thought, Okay, maybe it’s just a coincidence. There’s nothing about my theme that is so original that couldn’t have also been made by somebody else.

I clicked around NetEase and found the actual theme page. It’s called “Studio” and the author’s name is “Bad Song”.

I started checking out some of the theme assets, and sure enough, they’re mine. The background is the exact dimensions and size as mine. Seriously, they’re both 528px by 490px and 58,015 bytes. Exactly the same. No way that’s coincidence.

Anyway, I’m not really angry or anything. I’m more shocked by the randomness of finding a Chinese guy with a blog theme ripped off from me.

But maybe it wasn’t so random, especially since this “Studio” theme has over a hundred thousand users. A hundred thousand users!

I might email this Bad Song fellow and call him out on it. Just to see how he responds.

Anyway, there you have it. This is why everyone picks on Chinese designers for their approach to R&D: research and duplicate.